Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb. 19, 1987, 1989-99 Leaving New York

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1987 - Morgans moving to Phoenix

Sunday 1989 - S.S.  dinner (?) at Wendy's, Super Salad Bar $3.19, then to Extended Care, CMH, Kroger's, Walmart (what a crowd) where we bought a telephone answering unit, then Bob and Carl's.  Made out an order to Performance Bike Shop.

Monday 1990 - [NYC to Philadelphia]  Took bus to Philadelphia, walked to Quality Hotel [Inn] $70.  Walked over to Independence area.  Amazed at the number of bedrolls on porch at FRB [Federal Reserve Bank].  Had lunch at Arby's, saw visitor's center, Franklin Court and old P.O.  Jeanne Huber's [?] (her husband died about 15 years ago) son Rick, with Fireman's Fund, took us out to her house.  Had late supper (8pm) as dish was not thawed in time.  He brought us back about 10pm. 

Tuesday 1991 - [NYC to Texas]  We flew to San Antonio, had Alamo rental car, $97/week with free mileage.  Reservations at Sheraton Gunter, $69 + 13% tax +$6 for garage -- very nice.  Can ride streetcar bus for 10c.

Wednesday 1992 - [Israel]

Friday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Saturday 1994 - [Maui, Hawaii]  We were up on Ohio time, 5 hours different, and drove to volcano where the bikers were ready to coast downhill.  It was cold and we could see snow on the higher peak on the island of Hawaii.  Had breakfast at the Sandalwood, on the road up there where the bikers also stopped.  Drove over to the other side of the island, much more touristy.  Had supper at Mama's Fish House, near Paia.  Very nice and expensive, entrees in the high $20s

Sunday 1995 - [Kentucky]  Went to 9:30 service with MV, then to SS and Church at Burnside.  MV fixed lunch, Ginny and I walked down to the piers, the church and back.  Went to MV's evening service then had bean soup afterward.

Monday 1996 - Called MUH, she has a new 30" TV set.  

Wednesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Thursday 1998 - [to KY] We leave for Somerset.  Had lunch at Boston Market, supper at Rockin Robin's Cafe.  We were to babysit while MV goes with a group to Fraser UMC in Montgomery, AL.  They had a cancellation so I went with them.

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