Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb. 15, 1989-99 Inspired by Rev. Bishman

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Weekly church meeting on the Key Event we are having in March.

Thursday 1990 - [to NYC] We leave for NYC from Cincy via Delta.  Took cab ($18 + 2.50 toll) to Penington Friends House at 215 E. 15th St. It is a large room with 1/2 bath.  We went with the group to the play To Kill A Mockingbird, between 6th and 7th on 23rd.  The fellow at our house was the lawyer in the play.

Friday 1991 - [NYC] Bruce came for breakfast, then I went to toy show.

Monday 1993 - Movie passes in NYC are $7.50.  Met John and Julie for lunch in Hillsboro at Magees.

Tuesday 1994 - Went to Wilmington.  Jean is bordering on being diabetic, going on 1800 calorie diet.

Wednesday 1995 - [to NYC]  Flying to NYC, will use up our 8 Delta tickets since October.  This is 1st day above 32 degrees in 12 days we have been home [since returning from Colorado ElderHostel.]  Rode Q33 bus from LaGuardia airport to end of line where we got F train to 14th Street and an easy transfer there.  Walked over to the building [toy show?] and got book ($10).  Jean went dow to the World Trade Center, but even the twofers [to see show] were $30+.

Saturday 1997 - [South Africa]

Sunday 1998 - Great church speaker from Lima, Rev. Joseph Bishman speaking on "Where is your Treasury?" Full of life.  Went to CMH for hospital meeting.  Dr. Alexander spoke on the eyes.  Honda turns 46,000 miles and yellow light came on.  Had potluck before evening service on Zacchaeus.  "Come down" and reach out to the more churchful. 

Monday 1999 - [Georgia to Ohio]  Had lunch at Regas Restaurant in Knoxville.  Got gas for 67.9c in Georgia.  Got to Cincinnati about 5pm.  Went to Joseph Beth bookstore at exit 6 then had supper in Mariemont.  Tonight was Lincoln Day Dinner, Senator DeWine spoke.

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