Friday, January 01, 2010

January 1, 1989-99 We eat with fingers, Kate plays cards

HH Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - Jean teaches SS class on 1st Corinthians about marriage.  Rev. Johnson had altar call and the whole front of the church was filled.  Drove to Union to take Rev. Homer and Mrs. Thompson out to lunch at Golden Corral in Maysville KY ($22).  Drove on to Washington KY, one lady quite talkative at antique shop.  Rev. Thompson retiring in June as he has Parkinsons.  They are retiring to her childhood home near Wellston OH.  On 12/25/88 Sunday School 45, Church 61, $700.10.  Today SS 46, Church 63, $903.56.

Monday 1990 - [Phoenix]  S. [Special? Sunday?] Traveler in NYT to be on 33/14, 5/20 and 10/21/90.  Lunch at Ocean City (Chinese)  MV made lasagna [on 12/31/89 attended Trinity Bible Church.]  Serena leaves from Phoenix to Peoria.  News item on Pig Hip Restaurant in Broadview, IL on old US 66.

Tuesday 1991 - Took Christmas tree down, went to Wilmington, saw movie "Three Men and Little Lady", ate at Wendy's.  Early movie $3.25, big popcorn $3.

Wednesday 1992 - Cris and family come to visit for the day.  Wil loves to "pound" the piano.  Angela has two more years of school.

Friday 1993 - Lunch at Frisch's in Hillsboro.  Fire in fireplace.

Saturday 1994 - John and Julie arrived, boxed up some of the National Geographics down at Wells so they can take some of the bookcases.

Sunday 1995 - After church we went down and got mail.  Ed and Evie leaving for Florida.   [Returned from Phoenix on 12/31/94.  Roberta said Ginny reminds her of Grandma in using potty.

Monday 1996 - Raked up sticks in back yard.  Went to Extended Care.  Polly Gibson is poorly, visited with Harry Allen and talked with Leroy Atkinson.

Wednesday 1997 - [Phoenix] Ate with fingers at Ethiopian Restaurant at SW Corner of 19th Ave. and Dunlap [which later turned into a Mexican restaurant, then Chinese, and now along with a nearby former Luby's has been torn down].  Went to Barnes and Noble where Jean bought a book on Walter Cronkite.

Thursday 1998 - John, Julie and Kate here.  Kate loves to play Old Maid and Authors.  Sunny day but in the teens.  Jean moved the bedroom furniture around.

Friday 1999 - [to Pittsboro NC] Leave for Greensboro NC, Delta escape weekend for $79.  Staying at Fearrington House, near Chapel Hill for two nights.  Room #15, their standard room, which is $165/night.  Had dinner there for $59 a person, too much food.  We were there for two hours.  Tea hour was from 4-5pm, which was very bountiful.  Room had CD player and hot roads for the towels.  Fresh flowers in the room.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

I love this---enough to be informative (especially prices of things) without too much detail. Verbosity is not something HH was cursed with! Intriguing is the note about how the Ethiopian restaurant has changed over the years. And how Kate, Will and the rest have grown up!

Catherine said...

I'm counting on Mary and Serena (and everyone else) to help me out with the spelling -- especially of names with which I may not be familiar.

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