Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. 17, 1989-99 Ginny plays, Christian wide-eyed

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Getting several orders on our FAX machine.  Another beautiful day, had waffles for supper, got 500 business cards for $20.90+tax

Thursday 1991 - Jean went to CMH Guild meeting and I went to Court House then to Columbus to meet Roberta.  Mother seemed a little better, we ate at the hospital.  Big jump in stock market today.  Everett Bailey (69) retired from Krogers today.

Sunday 1993 -After seeing GHU we met Serena and John (Julie was going to a shower) at Mayas [?] in Blue Ash for lunch [This address now listed as Qdoba's Mexican Grill], then to Barnes & Noble and mall - John got a new pair of shoes (Rockport).  Had supper at Trio's across the street, very popular.  Got gas for 98.9/gallon.

Monday 1994 - About 8" snow this AM.  There is a bird in our typing room, must have come down the chimney.

Wednesday 1996 - [Phoenix] We went to Scottsdale Culinary Institute, most meals were $8.95, it is a one year cooking school, great experience.

Saturday 1998 - Shane Rider spoke this AM at UMC Breakfast.  He had been on a mission trip to J...[?] over the Christmas holidays.  Christian is very wide-eyed.  Ginny and I went over to the school playground.  Had fire in fireplace, first of the year.

Sunday 1999 - Pulpit exchange Sunday.  Had lunch at Dee's here in NV,  Jean had roast beef at $5.49 and I had too much pasta.  Fun night in Martinsville but not a fun time coming home -- we offered to bring these 2 gals to NV, then one of them said she had left her glasses in the other car, so we went to the house where she would be stopping and got stuck their yard.  Had to call a wrecker and then the guy called the Sheriff about all the yard damage.

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