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Jan. 8, 1989-99 Twice to Cookers & Snow

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 -A.W. Hause had SS lesson, Rev. Johnson told the children the story of looking at a divided banana for signs of good luck vs the virtue of praying.  Met the Goodings at the Golden Lamb, hardly anyone there, had brunch for $8.95 or petite dinner for $11.95+.  Spent $27.  From there we went to Methodist District meeting at Milford Trinity Church.  SS 47, Church 62.  36 to 68 [degrees?]

Monday 1990 - [Phoenix] Roberta and Jean went to San Diego to visit Lois Bruce.  $19 each way.  They had lots of walking, restaurants closed.  MV went to Mesa to see the Garretts.

Tuesday 1991 - Busy day at the office, Mother is swallowing better. 

Wednesday 1992 - John S[unber?] spoke at Lions Club.  Jeanette & Brett Laymon in over her dad's estate. 

Friday 1993 - Went to Columbus, met Serena, John and Julie at Cooker's on E. Main St, near I-270 and had dinner.  $58 for the six of us.  Roberta brought about 70# of grapefruit with her.  H.K. Williams passed away at 88.  I recall him as my Scout Master.

Saturday 1994 - [Columbus] Had continental breakfast at motel [Knights Inn] went to Sam's, then to Target where I got a new razor.  Lunch at Cooker's [no, not two days in a row as a year has gone by since the previous entry] .  Got gas at 89.9 cents.  Stopped at WCH library.  Read WNJ article about Harry Hague at 79.

Sunday 1995 - [second entry dated 1/8/94] - Ate at Midland Senior Citizens lunch for $3.50.  Talked to Walter Nichols, they are leaving for FL on 1/9. 

Monday 1996 - Blizzard has passed.   Randy Thompson cleaned out our driveway with a tractor

Wednesday 1997 - Lions Club, 15 present.  1/2 year dues are $15.  Dick Geringer, ECS Supt had Sam [or Sara?] Saylor speak on Home Ec work and the vocational school.  Sabina students are now in their new building.

Thursday 1998 - Janet [or Jarret?] Hahn and I went to Lynchburg to open Carlos lock box.

Friday 1999 - Had our dental appointments, no cavities for either of us.  Delayed luncheon at Bar Meeting.   Joe Dennis is Pres.  More snow this week,  we have had a 1/2 year supply.  Mark Schelling to retire as bailiff after 27 years.  1995 picture of CC Bar Assoc has 45 people (9 gals), in 1986 were 32 people (4 gals), 1978 = 29 people (2 gals), 1967 = 19 people, 1938 = 19 people.  Last court in old Court House was on 9/27/19 [or 1914?].  Called Ed Jones he is 82 and has lots of teeth problems.

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