Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan. 27, 1989-99 57 mile bike ride

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999
Friday 1989 - [to Newark by bike] Cooled off on idea of riding bike all the way from NV to Newark - 110 miles - as it was 3 degrees.  Had thought I would leave the car at Deer Creek State Park but decided to drive on to Circleville where I parked in the hospital parking lot and took off on Rt. 188.  On the 6th mile had detour sign up but kept going and was able to carry the bike across a new bridge.  Had lunch in Lancaster at Rae's, soup and salad bar $2.77, then up 158 to Rt. 16.  Lots of traffic there, arrived about 5pm, 57 miles on the road in five hours.  Had supper at a small restaurant ($3.95), the owner joined us and was quite a talker.  John had material to deliver to heart fund workers.  John has new walk on north side of house.  Met his friend Pete, head teller at bank.  WNJ 150th Edition, single issue 35 cents.  John had a paper route for 9 years and then the Enquirer, got interested in Exeter.  Double rates at Deer Creek Lodge are $75 ($84.38 with tax) for weekends and $69.75 weekdays through 3/31/89.

Saturday 1990 - MV, Don and Becky arrived early this AM.  She got her "" [?] yesterday.  We all went to Wilmington, looked at mini-vans at Bill Marine's, then we all ate at Wendy's.  Rita Johnson on Emmaus walk.

Sunday 1991 - Jean had SS lesson, Mother seemed better, even said a few words and had her eyes open.  Ate at Frisch's.

Monday 1992 - Gene Williams seems to be in the dumps about all the government regulations.  Mother is hoarse today.

Monday 1997 - Printed tax software on home computer, really amazing what it does.  Called Mary [MUH] last night.  Mares and Larry are coming down this weekend.  She has some potential retirement homes in mind.

Tuesday 1998 - [Hawaii] Took the 9AM tour of the grounds, looking at the fish ponds, the old Park Cottage and the petroglyphs. At 10:30 we had the buffet then at 1:30 we were the only ones for the hotel's behind the scenes tour. They have two employees for each guest. Nice flower shop. Visited one of the cottages, 2 bedrooms and huge living room for only $4500/night, complete with private pool, etc. Looked at model home for sale, about $600M [$600,000,000? -- wonder how housing prices are holding up there?] plus $1100/month for maintenance. Supper at the Canoe House, very nice and generous servings. I had fried tofu, Jean had hibachi chicken. [They are staying at the Mauna Lani Bay -- this journal entry written on stationary from there and taped into diary.]

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Catherine said...

From John: I remember Dad riding his bike to Newark in 1989, but cannot recall the restaurant we ate at.
Sold that house on North 11th ST in 1990.
For two years I think we delivered both the Cincy Enquirer and the Wilmington News Journal.

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