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Jan. 30, 1989-99 Lithopolis & Harry Allen

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Louise Waldron [?] passed away at 58, she had been at Extended Care for 18 years.  Dreams long dwelt on amount to prayer and Prayers wrought in faith come true by Mabel Wagnalls -- [book titles?  Wagner is of Lithopolis fame, she had the library built in 1925 as a memorial to her parents -- book published called Letters to Lithopolis from O. Henry to Mabel Wagnalls]

Tuesday 1990 - Took cardboard to Wilmington, had supper at Chinese Restaurant, then the Woodwinds program at Murphy Theater.  Sat behind Don and Jeanne Liggett, they are moving to Gig Harbor, WA after 16+ years at Wilmington/College

Thursday 1992 - Ran into Creed Culbreath in the WNJ.  Article in WNJ about our Russian Elder Hostel trip.  BancOhio sells their downtown office building to Jerry Bryant.  Ordered trees [or tires?] for April delivery.

Saturday 1993 - We went to Hillsboro with a stop at the library.  Surprised to see Laura Waln working there.  Had supper at Long John Silver's in Hillsboro then to piano concert at UMC - Valuta [?], Japanese girl was one of the participants.  Mother is good.  Tried to get Print Shop to print but to no avail.  Got the piano light at Heilig-Meyers $39.99.  Saw in WNJ that salary for Municipal [?] Judge is $58,174, Clerk $36,418.

Sunday 1994 - Left about 5PM for Hillsboro with Laura Hughes.  Supper at Avery's Pasta, then to Heartland, Mary Pinkerton there.  Then to play "Love Letters" at the Highland House, a hotel and restaurant until 1964.  Also saw Linn Woods [?].  MV called us that Don had fallen down the steps and was in Corbin Hospital.

Monday 1995 - [at CO Elderhostel]

Thursday 1997 - Ralph Nusbaum is 83 today

Friday 1998 - Harry Allen passed away at 89, married 9/29/28

Saturday 1999 - Jean goes with Georgileah Hannah to program in Cincinnati.  Morgans are going to near Philadelphia for an RV meeting.

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Catherine said...

From Dad: On today's news it was Laura Waln, her husband worked at Wells in office.

On Wagnall sounds like a book title.

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