Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan. 13, 1989-99 Gene Drake, Dr appts, Uhl's

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999
Friday 1989 - Calling hours for Gene Drake at Sabina.  We went to Uhl's ($13), haircut at Greg Fenner's $4, practiced scales on piano.  Gas bill 279 cubic feet, $164.06

Saturday 1990 - Chopped away on stumps in the back yard

Sunday 1991 - After lunch went to Uhl's in Greenfield, then to  Chillicothe to get bias tape for placemats that Jean is making for Catherine.  Came home via Frankfort.

Monday 1992 - Called Morgans, appears that Wendy has moved.  No energy.  [Electricity?]

Wednesday 1993 - Everett Bailey's took Roberta to Columbus for flight to Phoenix.  Jean and Mary Hale spoke at Women's Club about trip to Far East. 

Thursday 1994 - Went to Columbus for CLE program.  5th annual Probate Practice at the Capitol Hyatt.  Bought new telephone and magnetic card board.  Had supper at Chinese Restaurant in WCH then square dancing in Wilmington.  Got literature on Hawaii trip on 2/21-3/2 from Senior Ventures.

Friday 1995 - We drove to Columbus to University Ramada Inn, had room ($59) overlooking Olentangy River for Estate Plan Seminar  put on by Ron Eberhart of Grove City.  About 50 people there.  Evening entertainment was numbing [?], Barney Fife dressed up as a policeman, he also portrayed Scrooge. 

Saturday 1996 - [Phoenix]  We leave for Phoenix for one week.  Went to Hay Jansen [?] program, staying at Royal Suites $480 for week.  Value Rental car for $97/week.

Monday 1997 - Jean had appt with Dr. Campton [?] and I had appt with Dr. He....[?].  Library is still a mess.  Went to Bob Evans and joined Eliz. E. Carey, been 13 years since she quit Buckeye.  Still COLD.

Tuesday 1998 - Went to Lebanon, filed French papers.  Internet program at WPL.  We have been walking around the block in the evening.

Wednesday 1999 - Had appt with Dr. in Centerville on problem with my spots.  Went to Waynesville Library, then lunch at restaurant, very quiet there.

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