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Jan. 9, 1989-99 Wendy's school issues, MV cooks

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Church Board reorganized.  A.W. Hause, chair, Virginia Walker, Secretary.  Jean went o Dayton library meeting.  Got Achor & Hodson estates started.  GG back after two week vacation in Naples, FL.  Serena called re her upcoming operation.

Tuesday 1990 - [Phoenix] Bought four shirts at [Bry-S?] for $20.  Went to Wendy's school, she was in spelling bee.  Badminton was her downfall.  MV fixed catfish.

Wednesday 1991 - Jean spoke on China at Women's Club

Saturday 1993 - [KY]  We bought oak leaf table at shop in New Vienna, $129 with four chairs plus took our small brown love seat down.  Had lunch at Applebee's at the Florence Mall near the Hilton.   Great fruit stand at the next exit to the east.  MV had big dinner.

Sunday 1994 - Rented parsonage to Mitchell and Jane Stratton for $450.  John Hughes passed away after being sick with cancer for a year.  He always seemed to be in good spirits.

Monday 1995 - Catherine called, Wendy wants to drop out of school - what a bad idea - she went to Montreal over the holidays to visit fellow she met overseas.

Thursday 1997 - Had dental appt, cleaning & x-rays $113, neither of us had cavities.  No school today.  PPR meeting at church re Ray [Roy?] becoming full time member. 

Friday 1998 - Called [Aunt] Mary, she is enthusiastic about going to Williamsburg but wants us to make plans.

Saturday 1999 - Got haircut at G's .  Betty Thompson called and said Elizabeth Ellen Carey was canceling next Wednesday's Women's Club.

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