Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan. 23, 1989-99 Hawaii, Goodings

 Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Howland closing.  Jean made lentil soup.

Wednesday 1991 - Mother now has oxygen thing for her nose rather than just a mask.  Took Roberta to Columbus airport with detour to Jeffersonville, a nice freeway approach now.  Supper at Cracker Barrel, had Greens and Ham for $2.69. Visit to WCH PL.

Thursday 1992 - Fall International Elder Hostel catalog arrived.

Saturday 1993 - Beautiful sunny day.  We drove out to Auburn Church , then rode bikes on to Hillsboro and had lunch at Rae's, buffet $3.99.  Bought rubber boots at TSC for $13.99, current pair bought at Syn.... [?] Store in Wilmington in 1980.  Got garden seeds for 10 cents/pack.  Jean found two $1 bills along the road.  Got off family letter on our word processor software.

Sunday 1994 - Met Goodings at Das Sch... [?] in Waynesville for lunch.  Made a stop at Wilmington College Library.  Goodings got a '94 Chrysler last fall.  They are going on a 5-day trip to St. Lucia in February.  Bob is talking of retiring before 7/1/94 because of a change in health benefits.

Thursday 1997 - Bible Study, just five of us there.  Esther S dropping out of bills [?] she is having trouble with her legs.  Wendy has new job doing childcare at Bally's Gym.

Friday 1998 - [Hawaii] Left after another nice breakfast, went to Kona Historical Society, then to Refugee place.  Lunched at a bakery in Naalehu on bread samples.  Staying at Volcano Hole $75, drove around the Crater Rim and Chain of Craters Hwy (just like its name), through telescope could see bright lava on the surface.  Had supper at [?] steam-vent take out around the corner.

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