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Hawaii "Big Island" 1998

Dad's Diary Entries from January 21-29, 1998 [see Editor's note below]

January 21, Wednesday - [spent previous night near Columbus airport] Up early to fly to Dallas-FW, then change for flight to Honolulu. Ate part of breakfast we brought with us. Got 4:30 flight to Kona and drove to B&B, big room for $115, 2 miles south of airport but hard to find. Got there at 6:30 just dark, 5 hour time change from Ohio.

January 22, Thursday - Drove down to Pier, walked through King Kona Hotel where we stayed before. Took noon sub ride, down to 100 feet for $69 each. Saw lots of fish, nice experience. Visited PL, supper at rib place near B&B.

January 23, Friday - Left after another nice breakfast, went to Kona Historical Society, then to Refuge place [Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historic Park]. Lunched at a bakery in Naalehu on bread samples. Staying at Volcano Hole $75, drove around the Crater Rim and Chain of Craters Hwy (just like its name), through telescope could see bright lava on the surface. Had supper at [?] steam-vent take out around the corner.

January 24, Saturday - Into Hilo, Lyman Museum and [Mission] House, then ice cream at Old Kress building, built in 1933, closed in 1980. Drove down to end of 130 then up beach road [132] to Pohoiki, narrow and winding, saw Lava Tree State Monument, interesting tree shapes. Supper in Pahoa at Italian Restaurant with little business.

January 25, Sunday - Breakfast in our room, mini loaves of bread, juice, papayas and bananas. Went to Hilo UMC, very friendly. Saw Akaka Falls State Park, up to Waipi'o Overlook, got ice cream nearby for lunch. Got here [hotel in Kohala Coast -- confirmed by postcard dated 1/28/98 that they are staying at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel] about 4pm, Room 417 $350 [or $35?] with breakfast. VERY NICE. [must be $350!] Walked up the beach to the Orchid [now Fairmont Orchid] and ate at Brown's Beach House, right on ocean terrace with music.

January 26, Monday - Went down to the beach, water in ocean was cold, pool was better and whirlpool even more, nice curves for a sort of privacy. Went to breakfast at 10, $22 each for buffet [but it was included?], quite a spread. Enjoyed watching all the birds. Drove down to Hilton Village, a huge place. We took the train ride, then saw the dolphins and people swimming with them. That's $90 a person or two for $150 for a little shorter session. Then to Four Seasons, quite restrained compared with the Hilton.
Drove to Waimea, got more band aids for Jean's toes. Ate at Merriman's Restaurant which has had several reviews in NYT. He also has a restaurant in Whaler Village in Maui [and at Poipu in Kauai also]. They have several hammocks here, we both got in for a swing. Had pan-fried noodles with vegetables and black bean sauce $13.95, Jean had lamb $20.95 for small portion. Beverages here and at hotel are $2.75.

January 27, Tuesday - Took the 9AM tour of the grounds, looking at the fish ponds, the old Park Cottage and the petroglyphs. At 10:30 we had the buffet then at 1:30 we were the only ones for the hotel's behind the scenes tour. They have two employees for each guest. Nice flower shop. Visited one of the cottages, 2 bedrooms and huge living room for only $4500/night, complete with private pool, etc. Looked at model home for sale, about $600M [$600,000,000? -- wonder how housing prices are holding up there?] plus $1100/month for maintenance. Supper at the Canoe House, very nice and generous servings. I had fried tofu, Jean had hibachi chicken. [They are staying at the Mauna Lani Bay -- this journal entry written on stationary from there and taped into diary.]

January 29, Thursday - Got into CVG at 6:15 [AM presumably, if they left HI on 1/28], took nap in AM and went to office in PM. Five hour time change.

Editor's Note: I'm taking a hiatus from Grandma's post cards (And my scanner is temporarily disabled due to switching to a new computer. Serena, can I make an appointment for assistance upon your return?) to work on Hawaii trips of the past, at least those between 1989-1999 for which I have the diary entries. In addition to the diary entries above, I have five postcards from this trip, two to us, two to Roberta & Sid, and one to Wendy -- Mother included info about Pepsi's 100th Birthday being celebrated there at the same time and that George Bush, Margaret Thatcher and the Rolling Stones (what a trio) were part of the entertainment. Mother says Kona B&B would be "wonderful place to have our reunion." We will be stopping in Kona.

Other postcards indicate trips to Hawaii as follows:
Unknown Date - (?) Roberta and Grandma, no cards from the trip but one undated and not postmarked from Roberta to Grandma referring to the trip.

1973(?) - Mom & Dad - card is Hawaiian Regent Hotel, but sent from USA 12/73
1979 (Aug) - Mom & Dad - two cards from Kauai, one from Honolulu - I'd blog about this but it is prior to the diary I currently have.

1990 - from "Em" to Mom & Dad
1993 - from Polly & Chester to Mom & Dad
1994 (Feb/March) - Mom & Dad in Maui and Kona - will blog about this one next, 5 cards

1995 - 2 from Joe (and Aunt Mary)to Roberta, Hilo and Maui
1999 - from Joe to Roberta, Honolulu, Volcano NP-Big Island, and Maui
2001 - from Marianne to Aunt Mary -- she was there over 9/11
2003 - from Charles and Jeanne to Roberta and Sid
2004 - from Bob and Pat Ballantyne - Kauai but sent from NH, also one in 2005 sent from NH
2004 - from Judi and Amy to Roberta and Sid
2005 (Dec) - Roberta & Sid on the cruise we will be taking, 3 cards

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I'm sure HH can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking they stopped in Hawaii for a few days in 1975 on the way home from New Zealand?

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