Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan. 18, 1987-99 Golden Corral & Dial

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

1987 - Golden Corral opened in Wilmington

Wednesday 1989 - DPL heat bill, $65.40, 848 cu.ft.  Went to the open house at East Clinton School Library, checked out several books, one on bikes.

Saturday 1992 - DPL $68.33, 861 cu.ft.  Saw movie "Father of the Bride".  Bob McM (the egg man) born in 1916 was the speaker at our church breakfast meeting.

Monday 1993 - Had expected our computer friend down from Columbus, the couple we met at White Oak B&B, but they canceled out.  Jean invited the Harners in, Orville having trouble with his teeth.  Mother asleep today.

Tuesday 1994 - Down to -15, wind chill at -30.  We did go to Hillsboro on legal business.  John Woodmansee in hospital with heart attack.

Wednesday 1995 - At square dance tonight Alonzo and Margaret Gibbs said they are moving in June (when she retires from teaching) to SC near where their son lives who works for Westinghouse. 

Thursday 1996 - [Phoenix] Ate at the Dial for lunch

Monday 1999 - Mixed up coats with Janice McC, glad we didn't lose her keys.

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