Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan. 16, 1989-99 Jean is great wife!

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Heard from Joe Hiestand in NZ today, his wife has cancer.  Jean made a big crock of onion soup, she is a great wife in every respect.  Church Trustee meeting, voted to buy new stove for parsonage and for brighter lighs in the church.

Wednesday 1991 - What a day -- Iraq invaded, claims from Strawbaker [?] about "magic wand" use, computer becoming obsolete.  Mother seems better, got call from CMH about her home care.  Jean washed my brown top coat twice as it turned out there was lipstick in a coat pocket.

Sunday 1994 - MV called about Ginny going to the bathroom on her own.  Ed Johnson spoke on 1 Samuel 3  - Are you listening?  We ate at the NV Restaurant, had a $10 gift certificate.  Dinner is $4.95, entree and 2 vegetables.  Wilma went with us to see the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire".  Kroger is having a promotion with Delta, $100 purchase = $100 discount if ticket is over $498 or $50 discount if less. 

Monday 1995 - [Newark] We got along fine babysitting Kate.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel.   Cris and Angela called.  They have decided not to come to Wells. 

Tuesday 1996 - [Phoenix] Drove up to Sedona, visited the chapel in the rocks and the shopping center with Spanish name [Tlaquepaque], had lunch there, not cheap but nice.  Beautiful library, Jean got some cloth books there.

Thursday 1997 - Jean had therapy at CMH and worked at noon at Senior Citizens.  Really cold wind

Friday 1998 - Mary Virginia, Ginny Christian & Mickey [?] arrive.  Empathy for Don Waters grandson

Saturday 1999 - Morning breakfast at church, went to Wilmington PL, had quite a conversation with Rita C

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Yes, Mickey Holsomback came with us in 1998---a friend of mine from Somerset.

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