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1987 Roberta's Letter -Aug.16

Dear Family,

Hi!  Good to talk w/ you all today!  Know it will take a "few days" to get back into the routine!  Thinking back now – it took me over a week – and I was only gone 12 days!

I sure want to thank DAD for a very enjoyable week pedaling across IOWA – and then of course the support crew of Mary Virginia & Mom for the letters, communications along the way.  The VAN trip was great – enjoyed being a tourist with all of you!

It was a very enjoyable time – and Wendy & I both have very fond memories of that trip.  I enjoyed too all the great eating – and pleased that after I got back & into my regular routine the extra pounds I put on – came off!  Thanks for ALL!

Did the Hortons tell you I'm now in training for the Phoenix MARATHON!  It is 1/9/88!  It's 26.22 miles – at present I have 5 others also signed up.  Mother are you interested?  None of us will break any speed records – but I feel confident we can all finish.

I have now completed my 1st week of training – up to walking/running 20 minutes.  Only 21 more weeks of training!

Actually I'm now into CROSS TRAINING –  since I'm also signed up for Parker Dam Bike Race on 11/6 & the Tour de Tucson 100 plus ride on 11/20.  Sid & I will make long weekends out of both of those trips!  The dates are fine – with John being here in-between.

This last week I was asked to speak at the Tempe Community Council meeting about Senior Village.  They are in the planning stage of shared housing for elderly.  There is a Real Need in EAST VALLEY for it!  Actually it went so well – I was just asked alot of questions – as to day to day operations of Sr. Village, admissions, etc.  I've been asked if I would come back for a citizen advisory type meeting 1st part of September.  Too bad I can't charge for consulting – HA!

Worked out fine as the meeting was Thursday – in Tempe.  Joe went over with me & then he spent the time at the ASU campus – looked over the Frank Lloyd Wright building – then the Art Museum there.  The only problem was later when I met him at the Art Museum I had on my good shoes & got a blister on my toe!

We went in the student union on campus & went downtown – a HUGE McDONALDS!  For lunch we met my friend Gloria for lunch near county hospital.

That night we ate at Olive Garden w/ Morgans.  It is sure a popular place – we waited 45 minutes to get seated.  (But we walked to Metro & a few minutes after we got back our name was called!)

Wendy enjoyed going to Church w/me this AM.  She was quite impressed w/ the minister – She is signed up for Pioneer Girls this year at Trinity Bible Church.

Now Monday AM – What a shame – the plane accident out of Detroit coming to Phoenix.  Gloria's husband (not the people you all met) works for NW Airlines & he was on duty last night.  Must have been a very long and sad night for all.

Time for me to get moving along ––

Much love,

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