Saturday, August 05, 2017

1967 Catherine's Postcard -Aug.12

[Not enough words visible in the first paragraph to make much sense, other than I had made a very short visit home (or met the family somewhere?), saw Marianne, and Paul Steele sent his regards.]

[postmarked Aug. 12, 1967]

Al and Bill did come up Tuesday.  I really had a good time.  We went boating, had supper at a pizza house, and then went to see "Divorce American Style" in PC.

Wednesday I went to Toledo.  Spent a bunch of time at the library and window shopping mostly.  After I paid $30 for the room for the rest of the summer (since July 22 until Sept. 3) I still had $5 left plus the Upjohn dividend.  I ate supper at Smith's cafeteria and had some really delicious vegetables.  I called the Zooks.  Pam is in the hospital having some surgery done on her ear or something.

Donna is going home Sunday and Jenna is leaving next week.  A lot of the kids are leaving early.  Got to get to bed now.


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