Wednesday, August 09, 2017

1987 Joe's Letter to Roberta -Aug.16

Aug. 16, 1987
New York City
Dear Roberta,

Sorry about all the inconvenience I've caused you.  I thought about you this morning as you bicycled out to the airport to pick up the keys.  I hope all turned out all right for you.  Were there, in fact, 4 keys on the black rope?

Losing keys is such a hassle.  It just takes time to get yourself back together again.

I've done my grocery shopping and laundry and will start to paint tomorrow or at the latest Tues.

I want to thank you for all Sid & you did to get me relocated in New Mexico.  The blue chevy was a big help and of course, all your positive thinking!

I weighed myself yesterday at the gym.  151 lbs. so I'm not too upset over 2 weeks of heavy eating – My muscles ache today after not exercising for two weeks.  I think the rest was good for my aching back.

Saw this article in the NY Times on Gov. Mecham.  I hope he is ousted from his authority.

Good luck on running and encouraging Gloria to do same.

Will look forward to seeing you and John in Santa Fe in November.

3 cheers for the Southwest, yogurt and you!


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