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1967 Message to Catherine and Reply -Aug.5,7

8/5/67 [Message from HH to Catherine]

Dear Catherine:  We all enjoyed your last letter,  Mother had a letter yesterday from the Hortons, nothing particularly new but that Mares wants to make an appointment with Dr. Fullerton about a physical for College.  Your Mother took Serena to the foot doctor yesterday in Hillsboro, she is to get a particular pair of shoes, do exercises and go back in six months (sounds fair enough).  VW took us to Lions Club picnic at Rocky Fork, took KDC and Linda A. with us so had a carload.  Dr. Hull in Columbus has a small Coney Island type place near there where the picnic was held.  Real Nice.  Route 28 is about graded down for the base of the new road.  Roberta's group drove thru there for training.  They also are talking of going to Dayton for one lesson for city traffic.  Last Tues. evening they met for night driving.  One more week to go.  Going to Chicago and St. Paul myself this Mon. and Tues.  Have you gotten the book yet?

8/7/67 [Reply from Catherine]

Hi!  I have been quite busy lately.  Saturday I went home with Donna and we cooked breakfast & lunch with real food in a kitchen!  We just made it back in time to go to work at 3:00.  Yesterday I ate dinner at the Nobles.  They are still looking for a house.  Bill and Al are coming tomorrow.  I got the book on Friday I think.  Thanks a lot.  I am sending the latest paycheck but I'm keeping $16 which I made at the ad building last week.  A lot of kids are quitting and leaving.  Some because they have to go back to school early and others because they are just tired.  Jenna, Charley, and I (and another cheap-skate boy) bought 2 pizza mixes and then got cheese and bacon on our meal tickets.  We have had one but we are saving the other until later.  Really good!

Have to get this in the mail now.


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