Tuesday, August 08, 2017

1977 Catherine postcard -Aug.16

August 16, 1977
Hi!  It sure was good talking to you on Saturday – a pleasant surprise after our hectic time in Los Angeles.  We don't see why Mom can't come out in September and then all of you come in December as originally planned.  It's not like you have a grandchild born every day!  Right?  Couldn't you make a tentative reservation for sometime between say the 16th -21st.  I don't think it will be any sooner than that but perhaps the Dr. will be able to tell more as the time gets closer.  I went to the Dr.'s today and he said everything is fine – the baby is in the right position.  I had gained four pounds since I was last there two weeks ago – that makes 15 now all together.  I figured I might gain some having been away from home but I was surprised it was that much.  From now on I have to go to the Dr's every week.  I have sent in my application for reservations at the hospital – they have rooming in so the baby can stay in the same room with me. DeeDee and Robbie are both fine although a little bored today as it is raining and they haven't been able to spend their usual hours in the pool.  Write soon!

Catherine & Gerry

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