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1977 Catherine's letter to John -Aug.14

Sunday morning
August 14, 1977
Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter (or card rather) from Hudson Guild Farm.  We found it waiting for us when we returned from Los Angeles.  Mom and Dad called yesterday afternoon plus we got a letter from Mary Virginia so we are fairly caught up on all the news except of course from Serena.

Mom said if she comes out in September then She and Dad & Mary Virginia might not come out later. like in December.  But I don't see why she can't come in September and then all of them come again in December.  We'd really like her to come in September.  I don't want to stay in the hospital any longer than absolutely necessary and if Mom were here then at least Gerry wouldn't have to worry so much about my coming home sooner.

Well, DeeDee and Robbie had a good time at Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland.  We also went to Universal Studios.  Gerry and I enjoyed that as neither of us had been there before.  We took a bus tour from our motel to Universal so we didn't have quite as much time at the end of the tour to see the stunt shows and other shows they have.  We did get to see a trained animal show which was pretty neat.  The bird that is on Baretta was in it plus a couple of dogs who were really cute.  We spent 14 plus hours at Disneyland - arriving at 8 a.m. and staying until about 10 p.m.  Some of the time Gerry and I just sat down and gave the tickets to DeeDee and Robbie and told them to meet us in 2 hours.  It wasn't so crowded early in the morning but by evening the place was really jammed with people.

This afternoon we are all going to a baseball game.  The Padres vs. Houston Astros.  The Padres have won five games in a row so we're hoping they will go for six today.  They are not too far behind San Francisco and Houston in the standings and it sure would be nice if they could get ahead of both of those teams and finish 3rd for the season.  That would be a first.

Say hello to Roberta and Mary Virginia for us.  I understand Mary Virginia will be returning to New Vienna this week.  I'm going to try to write to her before she leaves Hudson Guild.  Tell Roberta I have a picture to send her.

Write soon!

Catherine & Gerry

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