Monday, June 15, 2015

1965 GHU Postcard -June 15

Grandma sent this postcard to Lakeside and reports Granddad doing well after their traffic accident and hospital stay on the way home from Florida.  Reading the food description is reminiscent of having supper at their house.  Evidently MV stayed with Wilma instead of going to Lakeside.  Interesting that the card could be sent c/o Methodist Conference – wonder how they sorted the mail?

[postmarked Jun 15, 1965]  Hi - Tues. noon.  Looks like rain.  Mrs. Wilson is picking cherries up high, she has a tall step ladder which belongs at the church.  Put several packages of cherries in freezer yesterday.  Now it really is full.  Had a letter from Mary this morning & Cris is due to arrive in Wilmg Sun. 8:44 A.M.  How do you like the weather.  It sure is cool in N.V.  Dad is enjoying his morning visit to the shop.  Mr. Wilson comes at exactly 6:30 & Charles at 9:45.  Dad is eating better, for dinner he had the first full piece fried chicken for some time.  He ate the thigh, 1 sweet potato, ⅓ slice of brd with gravy on pos & brd 5 onions, some lettuce a dish of cherries & ½ cookie full glass of milk.

Also did well with breakf–

Received Roberta's nice card, sorry the car is not doing well. Have a good week.  Love, Mother

Called Wilma & she said Mary V. is fine.

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