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1975 Catherine's Letter -June 11

June 11, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta (?), John and Mary,

Thanks for your latest letter and the check came as a real shock.  Needless to say we can make good use of it.  We ordered a Litton microwave unit similar to yours only with the regular electric burners in the stove, and a refrigerator (Frigidaire - 21 cu.ft.) - both in gold.  We were going to hold off on the dishwasher but now I think we'll go ahead and order it – probably a Maytag.  The stove is to be delivered Friday, the refrigerator next week.

X has been working on the cabinets and as soon as they are well enough along we'll have the carpeting and linoleum put down.  Next week I start working just two days a week at Stop & GO so I intend to put that time toward finishing packing everything up so that the week after next I can start hauling it out to the new house.

We had a new driveway put in (on a much gentler slope) and yesterday when the excavating guy was spreading gravel around on it the top of his truck got caught in the power line and pulled the line out of the pole causing the whole neighborhood to lose power. I guess they got it fixed without too much delay but now the power company is going to make us put another pole between the pole that is now at the road and the house.  We were lucky though that the wire pulled out of the pole instead of pulling the side of the house out where it is attached to the house.

We are really looking forward to being in the house and having more time to spend with each other - that should really be the test as to whether we can make it or not.

Did I mention on the phone that Bruce Morgan was here for a few days the end of May.  He has just finished up his Masters Degree in English and is now looking for a job teaching in a junior college.  He also said that David Stone who finally got his degree in chemistry, and is now completing a degree in French has decided to get a degree in Spanish which will take him a couple more years.

I'm thinking of only working part time at the library starting later this summer, although it may not get any farther than just thinking about it.  I don't know if I would then try to pick up more hours at Stop & Go or get another part time job elsewhere.  At any rate it does give me something to think about in my idle moments.

Well, I think I'll finish this off and take a walk to the post office and mail it as it is a really nice evening.  Thanks again for the check - we weren't expecting anything so we are still rather flabbergasted!

Catherine & X

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