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1985 Roberta's Letter -June 17

Dear Folks,

It's 9:15 pm & I've got a whole stack of ironing – that I can put off – for one more day!

Thanks for your most recent letter & the plane ticket.  I appreciate the ticket very much – I'll put the $ toward a trip to Florida in January 1986!  Maybe Sid will make the trip too!

I called the Shadow Motel & gave them one of my plastic card #'s – so they will save the room past 6"00.  I'll have time on the 13th to go to the Motel & then back to the airport to p/u Serena & Grandma.

Have made a few calls as to the rent-a-car right now have definite reservations w/ Econo Rent A Car – for a Ford Escort station wagon.  The guy at the end of the 800# said Uible sounded familiar – did you all rent Econo?  Thanks for the list – sure saved me lots of time!  It gets me how these car rental places always try to rent you a Lincoln Town Car – or some such luxury liner!

We have had our 4th Air Conditioner go out at Sr. Village since I got back!  It's always a challenge to see how bad you can make it sound – every time – so that you get fast service!  This is great sun tanning weather & I've taken advantage!  While in England I got a little pale!

Wish you all could see the England slides – we really did have a grand time.  Sid enjoyed it much more than he ever thought he would!  Actually I think he was a little uneasy about making the trip.  He is much more at home 2/ the truck & trailer than with switching airplanes.  In fact this was the 1st plane he had been on since 1972!!  I've flown enough the last 1 & ½ years for both of us!

Mother you are welcome to give Grandma the leg warmers.  I'm sorry I didn't have more time to shop in England  I could have spent a full day in Herrod's – would have loved to have had tea in their tea room!  I'll enclose an article I've found on Herrod's.

Finally got my fingernails cut way back.  They were so long I could hardly use a push button phone – unless I went straight down w/ my nail – not my finger or my nail would hit another button!  Can you believe that?  It's true – be sure & tell Grandma that!

Just this last week I saw the wedding video – April 7th – while Wendy was here.  The "photographer" must have thought Miss Wendy Jean was family of the bride or groom – she is in it quite alot!  I've ordered a copy of it – will send it to the Morgans & hope someday you all get to see it!

Talked w/ Serena a few days ago – Said you all were coming to Chicago soon – & she was looking forward to that!  I never ever have to worry about my phone bill being under the $25.00 minimum – even when I'm gone 2 weeks out of the month!

I've got a big day planned for Tuesday (6/18)  Will be at the East Mesa Sr. Center to hear Anne Hamilton speak on nutrition at 11:00 AM – lunch there – then will make some visits – Vera – etc.  Supper with the Stubbs & then off to the airport by 8:00 pm to pick up Sid.

George Ketchum ª my boss) went to Albany, NY the day I got back (6/4).  His ticket was on United – it took him 27 hours to get there – PHX to Chicago – then to Atlanta – to Pittsburgh & on to Albany.  Like he says – for the price he was in alot of planes!

Wish I could be in NYC to help Sid go thru customs – change planes – etc. – but I know he is quite capable!

Actually I don't know how he finds time to do all he does here.  I was so busy one night that all of a sudden about 10:00 pm, as I was dragging the hose to hit all the hard to get spots in the yard it hit me – I had not eaten!

O went w/ Sr. Village residents last week to see the movie – Purple Rose of Cairo – it was strange!  This week we are going to see Just one of the Guys.  It was filmed in Phoenix!  The resident do enjoy seeing the movies – especially since they are FREE!

I'm watching Schuller – young Schuller is preaching.  Taped it tonight – now 10:00 pm.  It's on Saturday pm 6-7 & then Sunday 8:00 pm.  I enjoy having the VCR ––

Hope you all can read this – thanks again for the plane ticket!

Love –– Roberta

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