Saturday, June 27, 2015

1985 MV's Letter -June 26

6-26 [85] 8am

Good Morning -

Yesterday turned out to be a rather long day – I worked / had class until 5:00 and then helped with the triathlon (Battle of the Businesses) until 8:00.  By the time I finished my speech for today it was rather late.  There have also been lots of kids here with the USTA tennis tourney – none of them are exactly poor.

Classes are going well.  Only two more weeks.  That's what's nice about summer session – you get the same amount of work, but they only last five weeks.

The warm weather finally got to me and I bought a fan for my room yesterday.  It made sleeping a whole lot more comfortable.

Well, I should get busy and finish making a graph for my speech.  Will see you Saturday.  Robin might come.


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