Sunday, June 07, 2015

1965? Letter to Serena

I assume this letter is from Mrs. Harold (Carolyn) Thornburg, 1930-2011.  The only clue as to the date is the mention of catechism class, which may have been for those about 10 years-old.

Hi, Serena,

Certainly missed you yesterday!  Sorry to hear you had a bad cold and your Mother too.

We had  3  left in our class after 4 went to catechism class.  So, Aarron [sic], Wayne and John C and I had a good discussion on "unfinished tasks."  You remember we are still talking about the life of Paul and his great "task" – imagine what would have happened to the spread of Christianity if Paul had not completed what God called him to do!

Hope you are lots better and see you Sunday.

Mrs. Thornburg

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