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1975 Roberta's Letter -June 21

June 21, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Hope you all had a good return trip back to New Vienna – hope I wasn't needed to referee between John & Mary V.  Where did you all stay Thursday night?

Everything is slowly getting close to normal here.  The 2 girls got in from Arizona – one is in her 40's – the other one closer to 50.  The older one is a Catholic Nun.  Both are very nice –

They moved into another room – across the hall & towards the drive-way in the front – right near the smaller set of stairs.  SO I moved today into the room that had been picked out for them.  It's a little nicer room – for instance in my old room I only had 1 electric outlet – which was also connected to the only working light in the place.  So I could have my choice of light or clock/radio.  Now I have _4_ electric outlets – also a nicer view – can see the flowers there at the side of the house.  I have the room to myself – and Mr. Ream told me that the 3 of us ª2 from Arizona & myself) will be the only ones on the 2nd floor for the summer.  That surprised me.  He also told me that anything I valued – i.e. $, camera, hair-dryer, etc. – should be taken to a safe-deposit box in the bank.  So I took care of all that . . . . .

So far 2 large groups of [have?] come – the senior citizens & a group of about 75 head start kids w/ their mothers.  In the older group there are _6_ who are Spanish – that speak very little Spanish.  Very few white in the head start group – lot of blacks, Puerto Ricans, etc. –––

Everyone working here is very nice – except Peggy – the woman you all met.  She is another "Hildie" – always complaining & bragging about how much she does – etc. etc.

There are 5 or 6 (1 part time) in the kitchen & dining room.  2 cooks, the dish-washer, who is Mr. Ream's son – myself & a boy about my age from the Chelsea part of N.Y.C.  He knows an awful lot of the campers.  The part-time boy is also from the same part of N.Y.C. – both are extremely nice & very good workers.  (thus far) I'm the only girl in the area.

The food is surprisingly very decent – I'm glad I didn't buy the grapefruit – as we have grapefruit to serve every morning.  Today for lunch we had melons for dessert.  (Both cantaloupe & watermelon)  Also for lunch we had baked fish, spinach, cole slaw, soup & the melon.  There is soup every lunch & supper.

Right now it's between lunch & supper – I'm out sunning by the other pond.  The Head Starters are really giving the life-guard a work-out.

I had a letter from Aunt Mary – I'll enclose the 2 articles concerning F.A.U.'s graduation.

So far the days have been warm – but it gets cool at night.

Mother how is your hair=cut – a week after?

Well, got to go – thanks again for bringing me here – and everything else in-between.


PS – Grandma – you should be up here – you would really get a kick out of these senior citizens – always arguing over where & who they are seated by at the table.

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