Thursday, June 25, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -June 25

June 25, 1975

This is supposed to be my day off but Mr. Ream wanted me to make sure this & that were done – since I wasn't going to go anywhere.  

For this reason & just for the sake of knowing I would have a way someplace should I want to go – I would really like to have my car here.  A bike would be ok for enjoyment – but as far as being useful transportation  – NO – it's too far to ride a bike around here to actually get anywhere.

I've called the bus station about going from here to Ohio – but was told it would be best to go via NYC.  I was thinking if J.B. would drive the car up – I would pay his way back.  OR do you all need 2 cars this summer at home?  I'll give you all time to think about this – then I'll call you.  Maybe if Vanessa still isn't working she could drive it up – between ball games.  Another idea would be that JB could go from here to Maine ––

Think about it – Camp Director got here yesterday – Biology teacher from New Hope – PA.  Group of Japanese-Americans to arrive this afternoon.

Weather humid – Love, Berta

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