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1972 Catherine's letter - Dec. 8

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December 8, 1972
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary, [Roberta was on her way to Africa]

Hi! Thanks for the letters. John, I'll type a letter back to you soon. Things have been busy.

Bruce & Beth came to visit last weekend. We all went to Grand Valley State College near Grand Rapids to hear Cheech & Chong, a rock-comedian type show. Funny but also gross.

On Monday X's mother had an extreme regression so we stayed all night with her. X took her to his aunt's on Tuesday. I guess she's getting better & will come back after we get moved back out there.

X says if it isn't too late he would like one of the following two things for Christmas. They are both rated high in Consumer Reports:
Black & Decker Sander #7410 cost about $13
or Penney's Variable Speed Drill (Catalog #3052, Retail Model #4916C) about $19

Wednesday night there was a Christmas Dinner for faculty and staff of K.College, at Saga of course. I guess that completes my cycle at K.College. From serving banquets to being served. [X and I both worked for the K College library while attending graduate school at Western Michigan Univ.]

I didn't get the job at Upjohn.  So yesterday we paid our $576 to WMU which should get us through to graduation in April.

Can you get a dentist appointment for me on Friday or Saturday before Christmas?  X isn't sure yet that he can get Friday off, but we're counting on it.  he's pretty sure he can't.  We're going to get new tires either this week or next so that should make driving a little easier.

Sorry I don't have anything for your birthday, Mom.  You'll have to wait about two weeks.

Love, Catherine

PS.  X wants to make sure you don't feel obligated to buy him any of that stuff.  He doesn't want it unless you can get the exact types or models which I have written down.

I went looking for boots tonight.  I want a pair of over shoe type but can't find any.

I'm writing a paper on the U.N. so I can win $50 and a 6 week trip to Geneva!  See you soon.

PSS  We'll be moved by the 16th.

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