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1982 MV in AZ - Dec. 5

A few weeks back we read postcards about MV's travels from Columbus to Phoenix by bus to work for the Salvation Army at Metrocenter Mall – once one of the biggest and most bustling malls in the west.  MV played her part in mall history by ringing the bell and collecting donations for the Salvation Army.  The mall, which opened early in the 1970s has been on a downward spiral since 1990. Here's an article from the Dec. 10, 2012 AZ Republic: New owner puts Phoenix Metrocenter Mall on a mission.  Transcription follows.
Dec. 5, 1982
Dear Mom and Dad,

It was nice to have the day off from work, except most of the afternoon I was bored – mostly from laziness as there is always work to be done around the house.

I was about to go crazy ringing bells (it's worse than folding jump ropes), so I asked to have Saturdays off – that was no problem as there are only 2 left before Christmas.  [Christmas was on Saturday in 1982.]  My supervisor is Lt. Bell – she's 21, been an officer in the "Army" 2-3 years. I guess she's engaged to this guy who also is in the Army, but not stationed here in Phoenix – possibly Chandler?  My boss, Maj. Pack is about 60-65, very easy going – I have seen the Maj. twice – the day I started and one night he picked up the kettles.  I only see Lt. Bell once a day, which is when she picks up my kettle at night, which takes about 30 seconds.  Otherwise I'm on my own all day.

You've obviously heard about the MCI deal where you can call anywhere (in the US) free for 3 minutes.  One of my friends in Maintenance got me VIP card that way I wouldn't have to fill out the forms – but I can't think of anyone I could call and talk to for only 3 minutes.

I tried to call the Garretts tonight to see about going over to Mesa sometime but they were walking out the door and couldn't talk.  I hope to go over Saturday and possibly spend the night.

I think Marion and Roberta are sick.  We have only been to Swenson's once since I arrived!  Roberta and I did go to Baskin & Robbins one night last week while Marion was gone.  She had a coupon – Sundaes, 2 for 1.

I finished one cross stitch project this week, and started another tonight – mostly out of boredom – I should have it finished by Wednesday.  I hope to get a couple new cross-stitch books with my paycheck Friday.  I will make Roberta, Marion, John and X's Christmas presents out of it.

I am anxious to see how much I am being paid – whether min. wage or possibly more form what I have heard.  Anyway, the first paycheck will be Friday.  I plan to buy and cook dinner or else take Roberta and Marion out.  But judging from what I've seen, they might enjoy eating in more.

Roberta & Charlie have had several run-in's lately, so Roberta is anxious to get rid of him.  She now wants a schnauzer (?).  Marion is making some kind of speech tomorrow at school.  For the occasion Roberta is taking Charlie to the groomer's – then to school for the speech.  Personally, Charlie would be the last invited if I were speaking.

Love, MV

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