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1982 Family letter - Dec. 5

Two copies of this letter were found in the family history files. Transcription follows.
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Sunday, December 5, 1982
Dear Family:

We have been enjoying "summer weather" as it has been up in the seventies ... someone even had their lawnmower out again. Even washed and waxed the car yesterday.

Grandma got on her way to Florida last Tuesday, Elizabeth Johnson went with Dad to the Columbus airport and she was a big help as Peoples have no checked baggage facility, but that is one of the ways they keep their ticket costs down.

Wednesday was the Lions Club Ladies Night at the restaurant in Leesburg.  For entertainment they had the Walter Nichols (yes, the retired school man that grew up with Aunt Mary in Westboro, Ohio) band.  It was a pleasant evening.

Mary Virginia started her job [at Metrocenter in Phoenix] with the Salvation Army and took in $70 on her first day.  Like all jobs it will be an experience for her.  We plan to leave for Phoenix on Dec. 20 in the Salisbury's RV.  We were out there Friday evening attempting to learn how to operate all the gadgets which are almost too numerous to mention.  We did drive it a short distance and it is going to take some use in feeling comfortable.  The unit has three double beds, so that is a plus point when we do arrive in Phoenix.

Yesterday was the Church Bazaar in NV and they made something like $1650.   We all had lunch there and saw several people that we had not seen for some time, such as Bud Sweeney... some of you may recall when he had the grocery in NV... about 13 years ago.

Also yesterday we got into gear in putting up the Christmas decorations as the Mothers Club is meeting here next Tuesday night.

Today we both had Sunday School Class lessons to teach and a Gideon speaker for Church.  This was Wilmington afternoon for we went to the program and open house at the County Historical Society, the High School Musical program at the Court House, the Open Houses at the Wilmington Sr. Citizens, Extended Care and finally the grocery for some bargains (?).

Mie Young's Dad had told that he would probably be over in the U.S. this week, but he called form Korea today saying that he would not be coming, which was a disappointment to her.  She did enjoy her tour with the Chamber Signers.  Prof. Haskins of the music dept. of the college speaks very highly of her.

Anxious to hear more about MV's work "with her kettle" and how she and the dogs are coping.  Roberta has her hands full with all the "Seniors" plus another one to look after (not sr. but all this plus her class too is plenty).  Looking forward to hearing from Catherine and the Morgans – hope things worked out with the new part-time worker.  Am sure Wendy is looking forward to Christmas!  Hope that Serena got back safely and making use of the Dodge Dart for these few weeks there.  It was nice having John and X with us but it is never long enough.  Glad to hear G'ma arrived fine.

Much love to all the family....

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