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1982 Catherine's letter - Dec. 6

While MV is ringing the bell for Salvation Army in Phoenix, Christmas in also approaching in Oregon. Transcription follows.
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December 6, 1982

Dear Mother, Dad, and anyone else who reads this,

Hi! Ever since you left I have been thinking of writing a letter, and now almost four weeks later I am finally getting around to it. Sorry about that. We certainly had a good time while you were here and appreciate everything you gave us.  We have been making use of the dishes and the hangers.

The night you left the part-time person did not show up at all.  She had a friend of hers contact the person who had the job before she did to see if she could work.  I wasn't too impressed with that.  So the next day I called her and told her she didn't need to come in anymore.  She was real upset and wanted to know what the problem was as she thought she was doing a wonderful job.  She thought I was being very unfair and not giving her a chance but I said, sorry, I've had enough.  I worked the hours myself until the middle of last week.  That used up all of my spare time!  I still don't have anyone permanent or least not definitely permanent.  The gal I have now, DeRese [who in 2011 was made Library Manager after working there 30+ years] worked the part time job about two years ago but quit when she had a baby.  She is interested in the job and seems to enjoy it but is not sure how her husband can cope with babysitting two children as she also has a little boy the same age as Wendy.  So we are going to see how it goes.  At least she already was trained and just needed a little brushing up and it will give me a rest temporarily anyway.

Wendy is all excited about Christmas.  She has seen Santa Claus twice already and the Elks Children's Christmas party is yet to come.  I bought her a few things yesterday while she was at a birthday party and I am trying to get an order ready for Sears.  She wants everything she sees on TV plus at least 90% of what is in the catalog.  I am trying to get her to narrow down her choices a little.  I have checked on bicycles at Coast-to-Coast and think I will get her one with training wheels with your money.  We are in hopes of getting our Christmas tree next weekend and getting that decorated, instead of waiting until the last minute as we have done the last few years.

The library had its first book sale this past weekend  – both here at the library and at Kollen Hall with the Community Christmas Bazaar.  We made $256.95 so I think it was a success.  Most of the books sold for 25¢ so that is quite a few books!

This is another busy week for us.  I have meetings tonight and tomorrow and Gerry has Wednesday and Thursday filled up.  Then Friday we are going to a Christmas party.

I've got to go – time's up!  Maybe I'll be able to get another letter written before Christmas.  When are you leaving for Arizona?

Love, C, G & W

PS We had an excellent Thanksgiving dinner at Tumalo!  I saw Elva Townsend and gave her your message.

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