Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bert & Nat c1922

Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown, brother; and Nathaniel Wallace "Nat" Ballantyne c1922, husband of Lucie Brown Ballantyne

On December 11, 1922 Bert became uncle to Jean Wallace Ballantyne, youngest daughter of N.W. "Nat" and Lucie Brown Ballantyne.  This picture appears to have been taken during a warmer time of year with water and a strip of land in the background.  They are probably both holding a cigar.  Bert was Lucie's only sibling.

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Robert Morrow Brown 1877-1946
Lucie Sarah Brown Ballantyne 1880-1956
Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne 1868-1949
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible 1922-2011

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