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1992 MV's letters - Oct 6 & 16

Ginny at four months old and other KY Crowson news from October 1982. The letter typed on Oct. 6 is transcribed first, followed by the notecard from Oct. 16.
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Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry that I seem to have lost your itinerary and addresses on the trip [Far East trip with Liggetts, Oct. 4-27] but at least you will have some personal mail when you get home!  Marguerite Sigmon said that Harvey had heard from you last week – I hope that he has been a good help to you (I'm sure you're benefiting from his expertise).  They are a real sweet couple and have been very good to us and to Ginny.  He is getting ready to re-enter the work force.  Centenary UMC just built their new sanctuary and he is head of the audio-visual committee; the folks that installed the equipment at the church have offered Harvey a job, although I'm not sure when he will start.  He did resign from the Board of Directors of the Emmaus Community though to do the job.

We are going to Lexington on Friday to a potluck for the Fall Walk teams and while there, we will probably go to Sears and have Ginny's picture taken.  I exchanged an outfit she got as a gift at Penney's for a pair of cute red bib overalls that would do fine for a Christmas picture.  We still have yet to buy her any clothes (thank goodness) due to the generosity of many good folks.

Ginny is nearly sitting up by herself now.  She really enjoys sitting in our be (propped up with pillows) while we get dressed.  I told you that twice I've gone in to get her up in the morning to find that she has rolled over (stomach to back) but we have yet to witness it.  She is becoming more and more alert -- as I drive to work, it's almost like she can see the trees as we go by (which are just starting to turn and are gorgeous).  There will be many more developments between now and Christmas.

We are looking forward to John and Julie's visit this weekend.  We're hoping that they will get here in time to ride the train at BSNRRA.  Then I plan to make Lasagna for dinner on Saturday night.  I made muffins last night for Sunday breakfast -- Martha White has a new Lemon Poppyseed mix out that is good.  Don doesn't eat Sunday breakfast anyway, so I just made enough for us.

We have sure been enjoying our Sam's membership (warehouse).  On most things (98%) they are quite a bit cheaper; we have paid for our membership in what we have saved, I'm sure.  We always get milk (which is .40-.50 cheaper on the gallon than W-burg) and other things.  Maybe Don could take you there wile I'm on the walk or we can work out some thing else.  We could make even better use of it if we had a deep freeze like at our old house.

I'm enclosing a copy of my budget, etc. for the upcoming year.  I'll get you a copy of the Council on Ministries Handbook that we put out.  Everyone (committee wise) is to put together a budget and goals for the year.

I'll try to write again before you get back.  We miss you!  Love, MV, DL & VK

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Dear Mom and Dad –

Welcome home!  Hope you had a good trip & we'll be anxious to hear about it.

Ginny had her 4 month check up today and the Dr. said she was doing well.  Her height 25" and weight 14.75 lbs is higher than 3/4 girls her age.  Her head, 48cm is bigger than 90%.  He told us to start her on "ROB BAPP" – Rice, Oatmeal, Barley, Bananas, Applesauce, Peas and Peaches.  One new food each week.  She had been sleeping about 10 hrs/night until about a week ago and she's down to 6 hr stretches so hopefully this solid food will help.

Don is on the Men's Walk this weekend, so we spent last night & will spend tonight here in Lexington, go home first thing tomorrow (Sat).  And since Don won't be home, we're going to Somerset tomorrow night to sleep.

We had a nice visit with John and Julie last weekend.  The trip on the train was cool but beautiful.  The leaves were just starting to turn (this week they are really colorful).

Looking forward to seeing you in 13 days.  I sure appreciate your coming down to take care of Ginny so I can go on the walk.

Love, MV, D & G  

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