Friday, December 21, 2012

1982 MV in AZ - Dec. 14

 MV continues her 1982 bell ringing at Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix while staying with Roberta and Marion.  Fiesta Mall in west Mesa, mentioned below, is another struggling mall with declining business and changing demographics.  It was built in 1979.  Transcription follows.

Dear Mom, Dad & Mie Young,

Hi!  It is Tuesday already, so I decided it was time for one last letter before you come out.  What are Mie Young's plans?  As I always say, "no one ever tells me what's going on!"

I received the bill yesterday for my "continuing education."  Thought you might like to see it and perhaps take some action.  The reason for the higher tuition is the two extra hours I will [be] taking ($90 each).  I think everything else is self explanatory.  I will make an effort this quarter to finance my text books, and possibly get a part time job.  I am also putting in my grades which I would like to keep, maybe even frame!  I was really shocked to get an A from Kirk Halliday.  He very seldom gives A's and I know I had only enough points to qualify for a B.

Marion was gone over the weekend – went up North with friends to cut Christmas trees, so Roberta and I just ran around.  Went to Mesa to church, and saw Mrs. Garrett briefly.  That was the only time (in between services) that we could get together.  She asked about you all and when you were arriving here.  After church we went to Fiesta Mall (corner of Southern and Alma School) for lunch and window shopping.  (I spent $5 all day) and then went over to see the Stubb's.  They also asked about you all and couldn't believe you are coming in an RV.

I had lunch yesterday at Farrells in the Mall.  McDonald's everyday gets old fast.  So I decided I would try there   It turns out that Mon-Fri they have a luncheon special for $3 – something different every day.  Yesterday was a mini chef salad (I couldn't finish it), a cup of soup, a large glass of colored water and a sundae.  I thought it was great for the money.  I think I will be frequenting there the rest of the time.

Roberta is still bent on getting a schnauzer.  But Marion says no more than 2 dogs, and of course Roberta can't decide whether Charlie or Toby should go – I think Charlie would be the wise choice.

Gotta go.  Time for a shower then off to work.  It is to be in the upper 60s all week.  With all the rain, the Salt River is flooded.  See you soon.

Love, MV

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