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1982 Family Letter - Dec. 12

December 1982 continues in New Vienna with another week on the "go." Transcription follows.
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Sunday, December 12, 1982
Happy Birthday, Gerry on the 17th of December!
Dear Family:

We have just returned from S.S. and Church and hope to do some writing before we go out for lunch. In fact, this past week has been one on the "Go."

On Monday we went to the Fair Board Dinner at Snow Hill ... they have a new "Chef" and we appreciated it being close to home.  They always have gifts and people draw a slip of paper which contains a very short excerpt from a Christmas song, which you have to match up with another part of the song for that particular gift.

Tuesday evening was the Mother's Club meeting here ... it was a good time for Dad to go to the office.

Some of you will recall the Eveland family and how we ran into some of their relatives in Quebec.  Their musical son, Pete, has opened a restaurant between here and Cincinnati where the waiters and waitresses are students at the U of C Conservatory and they each take turns in singing.  WE were with the group of the New Vienna School and were there for about three hours.  It was a fun place to go.

Thursday evening was not so much fun as Dad went to a ditch hearing in Washington C.H. which involves four counties, possibly the name of the project "Rattlesnake Creek" tells us something.  Anyway we felt an obligation to go as it involves the expenditure of some five million dollars.

We had appointments in Dayton at 7:45 on Friday morning for some X-Rays as part of our physical and we were lucky on the weather, for just north of Dayton the roads were very slippery. Clyde Irwin and a friend cut down the big tree on our corner as it was very rotten.  Did plant two new trees yesterday.

Yesterday was birthday occasion.  Last night we went to the annual Airborne Express Christmas party...that was enough to last us for some time, but it was an experience as there were some 900 people there plus the invitation list included all the City and County officials.  We needed ear muffs for the band.

We've now had lunch at the Friendly Village Inn in Leesburg and several mentioned how our family is diminishing.  First time we've ever gone there just the two of us, on Sunday anyway.  We went after the crowds so only saw some of the Fairview people plus the Wolfroms.

Grace Long [nee Wood, born in Highland County in 1911, her husband Gleason born 1911 died in 1993] has been in the hospital and the word isn't good about her [she died March 1983].  Pam West Mann [daughter of Carl & Harriett, Pam died Dec. 19, 1982 at the age of 35] is also not so well and her parents have gone to New Hampshire – they found more tumor in an inoperable place near the brain.  Betty Thompson's mother, Addie Rulon passed away [at age 83] – she hasn't known anyone for a long time.

We go to Columbus tomorrow for a couple of days to the State Commissioners meeting.  Others are going today and stay until Thursday but that's just too long for Dad.

I've got a start on the Christmas cards but a long way to go.

[Much love to all, etc.]

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