Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1952 Jean's letter to her mother - Dec. 18

Jean finishes her Christmas cards and writes to her mother. Transcription follows
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Thurs – Dec. 18, 1952
Dearest Mother,
The Christmas cards are rolling in & I guess I've about finished with mine.  The Evans sent me one but I don't have their address – did you say 633 Fifth Avenue?  Mrs. Evans put a nice note on it – saying she's just had lunch with you.  Please thank her for me.

We were quite surprised by Mrs. Atkinson and Charles' visit last Saturday.  They wouldn't even sit down.  I presume they saw you in St. Petersburg.  They were so anxious to get beyond Cincinnati that day.

I feel fine now – all my aching joints have left me.  Seems as if it happened all of a sudden & haven't had any soreness since.

Virginia mentioned a box for the children which was to be sent from Florida.  It arrived & I couldn't keep from opening it altho the girls haven't seen it yet.  There's a darling dress – corduroy jumper with bit of jewel on the pockets & fancy buttons to match.  There's also a summer pinafore type really pretty in green and a pair of denim overalls with a fancy figure.

Harold got our Christmas tree today so we'll probably put it up tonight.

Catherine & Roberta have slight colds but it doesn't keep them from looking forward to Santa Claus.

All our very best love, H, J C & R

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