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1952 Jean's letter to her mother - Dec. 26

A long letter from Jean to her Mother about Christmas 1952. Transcription follows.
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[Friday] December 26, 1952
Dearest Mother,
Was so surprised to hear of Bob's being in St. Pete, & know you enjoyed having him if for only those few days.  We received the papers Monday which also explained why the quick visit.

We thought of you so much yesterday & wished you had been with us.  This was the first time we had not been either with the Uibles or with you.  We spent a very quiet day.  The girls enjoyed their things – way too many for one day.  Catherine got a doll, piano, doll bed, colored pencils, coloring book, fancy shoestrings, socks, etc. from Santa, a pastry set & apron & purse from Bob & Harriette & boys, a musical guitar & fancy cut out books from Grandmother & Granddaddy, fancy block set from the Hortons – jumper from the Daileys.  Both the girls got coloring books and huge boxes of crayons from Calvin Smith.  Mrs. Pierce [a neighbor at the Harris apartments – who also had a giant button collection] made them both real fancy dolls out of crepe paper & ribbon – Roberta's is fuchsia & lavender & Catherine's is yellow & green.  Mrs. Campbell [Jeanne Sanker's mother] also sent things which arrived today – a huge coloring book (which Catherine says "will last for ten years," 5 giant crayons, a book with all kinds of clever things about Santa Claus.  She also sent a beautiful gay linen tea towel & a note pad-calendar set with pencil for the kitchen.

Roberta got a sweeper, hammer & long peg set, blocks, socks from Santa – apron & mittens from Bob & H, both of which she needed, overalls & pinafore from the Daileys, rocking chair (musical with name) to match Catherine's & musical hurdy-gurdy box from Grandmother & Granddaddy, a wooden pull toy from the Hortons.  Isn't all that a lot?  I plan to get Catherine & Roberta both new shoes the next time I'm out of town.  Mother & Daddy Uible also gave us money to use.  We are talking of taking Catherine & Roberta down to see Uncle Al's program so will get to Cincinnati for her birthday.

The church had a nice Christmas program last Sunday.  Catherine's class sang Jingle Bells – Mrs. Long had made bracelets out of ribbon & colored tiny bells which were tied on each child's arm – these were so fascinating to them that not many sang.  they all enjoyed the treat Santa had for them afterwards, though.

The choir gave a very nice cantata which they recorded at the same time.  They gave part of it again Sunday evening at the Baptist Church – unison services.

We all went to Turners in Leesburg afterwards and enjoyed a very good dinner there.

Mother Uible gave us some frozen turkey before they left for Florida so we had it yesterday for part of our Christmas dinner.

Harold's Uncle Harry & Aunt Mary invited us over for their family Christmas Eve dinner & celebration but as it always been with all the Uibles & Hortons we declined not knowing whether the weather would be decent.  It turned out just as well for Roberta still has a runny nose & Harold & I both have slight colds & better not to have to be around other people.

We also got an invitation to Frank & Vivian Hiestands' (that's Uncle Dorsa's son – who built the new home) for eggnog from 4-6 Christmas afternoon but again we couldn't decline one invitation & accept another & we had good reasons.

Calvin is coming for dinner next Tuesday and I think I'll invite Melvin & Helen Long from Atlanta, Ohio.  The boys were all good friends.

Take good care of yourself & we're looking for you back in New Vienna this spring.

All our very best love, HJC&R

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