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1952 Jean's postcard to her Mother - Dec. 1

Jean writes a postcard to her mother who is in St. Peterburg, FL for the winter.  Transcription follows.
1952 Jean's postcard to her Mother - Dec. 1

Monday, Dec. 1, 1952
Dearest Mother,
The box arrived Saturday and I couldn't wait to open it.  [Birthday #30]  Thanks so much for the jewelry and pretty pajamas – they're so different –  a real surprise.  I needed some new jewelry too.

We had a big snow Saturday so Harold got Catherine & Roberta a sled.  They've had a wonderful time with it.  Roberta's eyes were as big as saucers and twice as bright after her first ride.  She wears her hat in the house half the time and really fights to keep her snowsuit on after she has been out.

The baby still hasn't come yet so Miss Lettie is still with us – altho I don't feel I need her so much now.  The snow brought a little stiffness back but nothing compared to what I had – guess I'll always notice damp weather at least for awhile.

The church addition is to be dedicated next Sunday with a basket dinner, songfest and tour of new part afterwards.  If weather permits, I hope to go to part of it anyway.  Dr. Fullerton had a heart attack and he's only dispensing pills.  Glad I don't need him now.  

All our very best love, H, J C & R

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Mary Crowson said...

Mother must have had some type of orthopedic surgery? I don't remember her ever complaining of arthritic type pain????

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