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1992 Roberta's Letter to GHU - Oct. 18

Roberta keeps the letters arriving in Grandma's mailbox. Transcription follows.
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October 18, 1992

Dear Grandma,

I just read in the paper how COLD it is in Ohio!  Below freezing!   Hope you are warm enough – no wonder the Hortons went back to Florida!  Aunt Mary is like me – she gets COLD!  I just got my ticket to come to Ohio in November.  I arrive on Friday the 13th in about 3 weeks!  Do you think it will warm up by then?  Can I borrow your winter coat – unless you need it.

Sid leaves Tuesday for his trip back to South Bend, Indiana.  That is where he lived and worked for 23 years!  South Bend is about 2 hours from Chicago.  It was the home of Studebaker automobiles.  Do you remember those cars?  South Bend is also the home of Notre Dame – the Catholic University.

Sid's youngest daughter and her family still live in South Bend.  Judy – who you met in Arizona – you might remember what a good loud voice she has – typical for a school teacher – Judy teaches 6th grade.  Mrs. Everett Penn – Mary Etta Penn was my 6th grade teacher.  I'll never forget how I had the same 3rd grade teacher that Dad had – Martha Woodmansee.

Speaking of school I've been busy with my 2 classes.  The reading is the hardest part – between reading slow and have a hard time remembering what I read!  Sid is a BIG help – he is my official typist – helps so much!

We had pizza tonight for supper – do you think that is on my diet?  With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up should I wait until January to start my diet?

I hope you and Sadie are both doing very well.  If you want a cat I bet Sadie could get you one.

Sid will be in Indiana 10 days – when he got out the suitcase the cats got upset.

Hope you are eating/drinking enough – all the vitamins and minerals you need!

Much love, Roberta

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