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1992 Aunt Mary's Letter - Oct. 23

Good to hear from Aunt Mary – even if it was written 20 years ago.  Interesting details about Chad & Cameron too.  Wonder where the typewriter was or if she thought she would just write a short note?  Transcription follows.
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Oct 23rd [1992]

Dear Harold & Jean: –

Thanks for your card from Hong Kong.  Was the water rough?  The boat [perhaps pictured on a postcard] had an unusual "sail."

You will be home for your birthday?  Or resting up from the flight home?  Whatever?  You're one year older!!  So enjoy it ... the years are flying by (especially when you hear my 80's coming up!) Had a letter from Anna's (Josse H) son and she died Oct. 13th., a massive hear attack on 10/9.  In her OB, it stated she was at the Stanford IL PO until she retired in 1964.  [Can anyone enlighten me about who this is – Horton relatives?]

Now on a happier note, we're eating out at the Piccadilly & then going to Chad's T-Ball game at a Park, West, on Forest Hill Rd.  (ages 6-5&4).  It's awfully windy --- last  days --- like a "North Easter."  Haven't driven to Beach to see high waves.

Sunday, Cameron gets baptized & we'll be Catholic for a Sunday!  She's having a "brunch" afterwards.  Uncle Ray & Aunt Helen [presumably Cindy's relatives] are flying in from Green Castle and God Parents will be there.  (Haven't been to this church --- South (?) of them.)

Cindy brought the boys over Wed. AM.  Cameron is cute!  Good lookin' kid!  He's now 3 months.  What lungs --- when he cries!  Chad is "hyper" --- investigating and wants to see everything!

G'ma seemed okay when we left on 10/16 --- sleepy and alert days!  Sadie will catch you up!  Could not make connections w/MV  --- hope we can next May!  (Say, I forgot to turn the Frig back, so please check!

Had a good time in Atlanta – Marge a "blank."  She had dinner w/us in the Main dining room.  She looks beautiful --- but no talk – Mike puts silver ware in her hand & then she feeds herself.  He is really tied down!  [Relatives of Uncle Bill?]

The leaves were colorful through OH, KY & Tenn!  Our air conditioner motor had frozen up – got a new one today.  Now, the ceiling in front room needs paint!!

Would like to hear about your trip!

 [written on the side margin]  Love, Bill & Mary ... Did you go away just to miss the election "Hoopla?"  But then, on your card you said you were watching the debates.  How about the comedian part?

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