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1982 Family Letter - Oct. 6

A trip to Florida for Rob & Cindy's wedding and more in this family letter, the first since August. Congratulations to Rob & Cindy on their 30th Anniversary!  Transcription follows.

1982 Family Letter - Oct. 6
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Wednesday - October 6, 1982

Dearest Family --

Seems like ages since we have written a family letter but have been in touch with most of you either personally, by telephone or ....  We are now up to eight copies [5 children, Grandma and/or Hortons, Joe, Mie Young and one for the file?] so hope that the last ones are readable or we may go to Wells copying machine - wish I also had use of their typewriter with the backup erasing, etc.

We had a wonderful trip to Florida - wish that you all could have been there to see Rob and Cindy married - lovely ceremony with a most handsome couple.  Hope you all eventually get to see the pictures - Uncle Bill gave us some to share with you all so will get them started around -- John, X, Mary Virginia and Mie Young got to see them on our way home.

We enjoyed the experience on Peoples Express - getting preferential treatment traveling with G'ma and wheelchair.  The Hortons had gotten us a real nice motel on the beach with pool.  Even had refrigerator so we were able to have breakfasts in our room - since we aren't coffeeholics.  Grandma offered to treat us to breakfast at the motel coffee shop but were never that hungry with all the festivities.

It was good being with all the Hortons and so glad that Joe could be on hand for the wedding - was best man, in fact and gave such a beautiful toast as did Uncle Bill at the reception following the wedding.  Wish that we had had a tape of it all.  References were made to Cris and Angela's wedding coming up next summer - not positive of the date but think its to be June 23 at 3 PM.  That is another possibility of a family get-together so save your pennies (and nickels and dimes and quarters, etc.)

Cindy's family seemed very nice - they had to come from Brazil (Ind.) and Greencastle, Ind.  Rob and Cindy had the week off following the wedding and took a four day cruise to the Bahamas stopping at Nassau and Freeport.  When they checked in at the Breakers following the reception and the hotel learned they were honeymooners they gave them the Honeymoon Suite and sent a bottle of Champagne.

After taking G'ma to the airport in Miami (through a drenching rain) for her trip to Phoenix for a two or three week visit with Roberta, we took off on the Tamiami Trail and the West Coast (of Florida) Tuesday.  Stayed one night at Ft Myers, another at Dunedin and our last night at Lake Wales - saw some new things - sponge fishing area at Tarpon Springs, Marco Island, very advanced square dancing in the Clearwater area and some old favorites like Bok Tower, ST. Petersburg and famous bridge near there.  Was quite impressed with the 4* restaurant - country inn at Chalet Suzanne - where they also can their famous soup.  We neither stayed nor ate there but think it would have been quite an experience.

Stopping for the weekend with John and X kept us from having a let-down feeling coming home. Drove over to Coshocton after a big breakfast and John got off work and had lunch in Roscoe Village a recently restored area of a canal town on the former Ohio and Erie Canal.  Also saw canal boat towed by horses on which you can take a mile trip up the restored canal.  We also got to see Golda, Piper's daughter and they make quite a playful pair with Golda doing most of the playing.  They won't have her much longer as friends of theirs are taking her as soon as they move into their house.  Enjoyed going to church with John and X, impressed by their minister there and a couple who had dinner with us.  Just a real nice visit - we got home in good time - even stopping off in Wilmington for chat with MV and Mie Young.

[Probably a few personalized sentences here and the sign-off.]

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