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1972 Grace's letter from Seattle - March 6

Chaulita "Grace" Mejia, a Lions Club youth exchange student, stayed with the Uible family during January and February 1972. This letter was included with a thank you card.  After her time in Ohio she went to Seattle where she experienced a different type of American life. Thanks to Serena for the transcription, which follows, and additional information.
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Mountlake-Terrace March 7, 1972

Dear Mom and Dad; Serena, John, Mary.

We arrived to Seattle at 3:30p.m. We had a wonderful trip (a lot of food, but not “ICE CREAM”) ja, ja. Our families were waiting for us at Seattle Airport. We found a lot of people, among them also a couple of girls from Peru that came from Indiana and are staying at [in] Seattle.

I am not staying with Mr. Dick Hyman family because he wanted a boy instead of a girl (he has two sons) so he changed with the family that I am staying [with] now. My father’s name is James Grazini. He has a daughter Pat, she is 20; a son that lives in Seattle (not with us) and twins, they are 9 years old.

Really, I miss you very much. I felt so good being with you, I felt like being with my family. I am looking for the day that I can meet you again. I hope that it can be before 1980 that is so far from now.

My new address is:

[not included here]
Washington 98043

Mrs. Grazini is from Canada so she is planning to take me one of the coming week-ends to Vancouver, that will be marvelous. My uncle talked [to] me so much about Vancouver, that I am anxious to go.

Hoping to hear from you soon.
With love
Chelsty (?)

P.S. Many regards to everbody at “New Vienna City”

* * * * * * * * * *
From Serena:
I do recall that Grace's "real" given name was/is Chaulita. I don't remember how she came to be called Grace - certainly not a translation of the word "grace". Chaulita would have been tough for a lot of North Americans. According to English "rules" it is difficult to pronounce and spell. The name at the bottom - Chelsty? - is probably a family/close friend nickname for Chaulita. I can't say I remember the nickname at all. I do vaguely recall calling her Chaulita.

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