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1972 Lucile Reynolds letter - Oct. 24

A letter from the side of the family from which we have not yet seen much correspondence. More about Lucile if I can find it.  The letter is postmarked from Hauula, Hawaii on Oct. 26.  Return address is a post office box, Hunnicut Art Gallery, Hauula.  Transcription follows.
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Oct. 24 [Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1972]

Dear Jean and Harold,

Thank you again for visiting us – We will enjoy visiting with you again when you arrive in Aug. of 1974!

Thank you for taking the little paintings to Aunt Gladys and Mary.  Hope they enjoy them – So good to know they are all well and all about them.

Ito and I were married on Saturday, Oct. 7th 5:00 pm in Kawaiahao Chapel [in Honolulu] – the oldest church in the Islands.

Hope we are happy!

Love you, Lucile and Ito

* * * * * * * * * *
Reynolds Family at CJU house c1940.  Serena Uible Reynolds, Les, Margery, Serena, Gladys Hiestand Uible. Front: Helen, Harold Hiestand Uible, Lucile.  Barn in right background site of medical building (Dr. Fullerton's office) in 1955.

Lucile Reynolds Hunnicut was born February 10, 1916 in Kern County, California, the fourth of five children of Leslie Clinton and Serena Uible Reynolds.  Her older sisters were Helen (Hancock) 1910-1963,  Marjorie (Guild) 1912-1994, Serena (Pugh) 1914-1968.  Her younger was brother Leslie Jr. 1922-1998.  Lucile died in Hawaii at the age of 93 in 2009.

* * * * *
As far as I can determine her name has always been spelled Lucile rather than Lucille.  This includes the following sources:

  • California Birth Index, 1905-1995
  • 1930 US Federal Census
  • Social Security Death Index
  • The letter written on Oct. 24, 1972 (above)
What I was not able to determine:
  • Was Hunnicut her last name from a previous marriage, or was it Ito's last name?
  • Details about Ito
  • 1920 census
  • 1940 census
  • Was she an artist?  Ran the gallery? 
  • Assume she had no children.  Was she close to any of her nieces or nephews?

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