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1982 Family Letter - Oct. 11

The best copy was not saved for the files and/or the carbon paper may be wearing thin.  Or maybe Mom pressed the keys harder than Dad?  When was the last time any of you used carbon paper? Or a typewriter? Transcription follows.
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October 11, 1982

Dear Family:

Yesterday was Laymen's Sunday at Church and we had a real treat as our speaker was Don Isaacs, who with his wife is starting an apple orchard at the edge of NV.  Don seems very dedicated and his family is an excellent addition to our Church.  They have started "Profiles" again in Sunday School . . . a person reads off the life history of one of our active members, and who ever recognizes the person first holds up their hand – yesterday it was Opal Nussbaum.

Friday night we went to Chili Supper and stayed for the Homecoming Game, which EC won and also a local gal was elected Queen.  Luckily it was a warm night.  (Cindy Hannah [daughter of Stan & Georgialia] was queen.)

Thursday was square dancing night – we were put on the nominating committee for next year . . . this will be another experience.  We are glad that we got into square dancing for we have met a lot of nice people and have also had some exercise as well.

On Wednesday we went to Cincinnati as had an appointment with our [Wells] rep. to see Super-X for the sales presentation for 1983.  Last year their purchases amounted to $47M and they are good pay.

Backing up another day on Tuesday evening was the Mother's Club guest night.  They were having a country theme . . . strictly informal . . . and the dinner was served by the NV Senior Citizens.  Serena, you may recall Donna Matthews [Lambert], who had charge of the musical program.  (Catherine was in school with Donna, not Serena.)

We have been having Florida weather here and enjoying our garden produce.  Saturday we brought things in from the porch and mowed the yard.  Picked our first cantaloupe, which for a volunteer was good.

Beverly Gooding called this evening to tell us that Dr. Schnebly was found drowned in a jacuzzi in Tennessee – more details as we learn of them.  Guess he was soaking a wrist  ///???

I saw Lisa today when I went to Dayton to the meeting of the Children's Librarians there – they went to Knoxville to the World's Fair this past weekend – had the largest crowd yet there – 103,000 people in one day.  She wasn't too impressed with the fair but did enjoy the China exhibit.  Jimmy Carter was also there and she saw him briefly.

Dad enjoyed his day off today as the Court House was closed for Columbus Day.  M.V. is active in the political scene at Wilmington College.  The big day is three weeks from tomorrow.

[Love, etc.]

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: It has been a long time since using carbon paper. Do recalll those family letters and the multiple copies. Those were the days when copying machines were few and far between.

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