Friday, October 12, 2012

1992 Roberta's Letter to GHU - Oct. 12

Roberta, I love your letters to Grandma.  Will you write to me when I'm 100-years-old?  Apologies for not making all the words in CAPS that are capitalized in the original.  That would slow down the typing.  Transcription follows.
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Dear Grandma,

How are you doing? I called Aunt Mary today & talked with her on the phone! Wish you could hear better – I'd be happy to call you & talk on the phone! I never worry about my phone bill!

I'm glad that Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary got to go see Cris & Angela & their 2 children in Indiana!  Aunt Mary told me that Cris does a lot of the cooking & that he uses a pressure cooker a lot.  I remember how you used to use one a lot for vegetables.  I don't think my Mom uses it much  – but I think Aunt Mary does – when she cooks – HA!

Actually I'm the one that doesn't cook much – with Sid being a good cook & we like to eat out.  I've got to start my diet soon!  Maybe after I get back from Ohio – I'll be seeing you in about 1 month.

Mozart – the younger cat got out of the house – he is impossible to chase – so much faster than I am! – he came back – guess he got hungry!

How is Sadie?  I'm so thankful you have her to help you.  Please remember if you & Sadie every want a vacation – come to Arizona to our house.  Maybe you two would like to come after Christmas.

The presidential election is less than 1 month away.  Do you think the Republicans will win?  I know how you like to vote – straight Republican – Right?  Remember that Buzz Lukens – the Republican who got into trouble with women & all in Washington DC?  He gave us Republicans a bad name!

We ate out today – had apple pie with ice cream for dessert – no way to lose weight – huh?  Have you had any good pie lately?

Gotta go – hope my writing isn't too hard to read – it's like Dad's isn't it?

Lots of love, Roberta

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