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2002 - Letter from MV - March 16

This stationary is really cute – but hard to tell what the design is until I put a dark background behind it and then it appears to be a cat playing with a ball of yarn.  If I'd noticed that before, would have put the dark background behind before scanning.  You'll have to use your imagination.  This is a 3-page letter of which only page one has been scanned.  Transcription follows.

1992-March 16 Letter from MV to Mom & Dad
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Dear Mom & Dad,
Seems hardly possible that it's been a week since we saw you.  Hope Dad is continuing on the road to recovery and the Hortons got off okay.  We got Don back just in time for his 2:00 class and I for my 3:30 voice lesson.

Our trip to Alabama went well, and the wedding was beautiful – much like ours.  It worked out well that I was Matron of Honor since I had to have a Maternity Dress.  (The others were low cut and very fitted.)  They were going to Gatlinburg this week; the wedding was at 10AM, so we got home about 7PM after a late lunch in Nashville.

I've started looking at computer music programs for the administrative part of the program, primarily to catalog the music library which consists of over 500 different titles.  I got the approval last year to put the money in the music budget to buy a program.  So I hope to have it in time to start cataloging on it this summer – if we don't move.  I'd like to have one that I can use on the computer at work and home, so that some days I can work at home if necessary.

I got the brochure on the St. Olaf conference this weekend and have sent in my registration today.  It is July 20-24, so I'm hoping to make that the end of my maternity leave, giving me an extra week out of the office.  Maternity leave is 6 weeks unpaid, so I will take my sick days plus remaining vacation time, which will me 5 weeks paid.  Then I can take St. Olaf as continuing education.

Don has had a terrible time with his allergies.  He'll have coughing spells that get so bad that it induces vomiting.  He did it 4 times last week, and so far none this week.  It's making him rethink where he wants to settle eventually (warm, dry climate).

My feet were really swelling last week due to so much sitting in the car and then standing during the wedding.  So I've been drinking more water (flush out my system) and cut down sodium intake, both of which have seemed to help.  My gums were also bleeding whenever I brushed my teeth so I've started flossing and eating 2 oranges a day in addition to my regular vitamins.

Thanks again for your big help with school this semester.  IT seems hard to believe that the end is finally in sight!  Don ordered graduation tickets for you if you can come (5/24).  Then ordination is 6'4, but we don't think tickets are necessary for that.

I have been coloring birth announcements now that I don't have to prepare lectures anymore – I'd rather prepare lectures.  At least you get up feeling you've done something "lasting."  [Family historians appreciate the birth announcements more.]

Love from the "3 of us," – MV

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