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2002 - Email from MV - March 8

A glimpse into the life and times of the Crowson family . . . .

From:   Don and Mary
To: All
Sent: March 08, 2002
Subject: Happy Weekend

Good afternoon and welcome to the weekend!  Hope this finds all of you doing well.  We have had a busier than usual week with revival for four nights, last night at home and local band festival tonight with several of my youth choir members participating.  Looking forward to tomorrow with nothing to do in particular and hopefully the kids will sleep in!

Got the kids Easter outfits this week and Ginny's is particularly cute with matching hat and purse; Christian's is a vest, pants and dress shirt.  I want to make an appt. with a professional photographer who does pictures with live bunny rabbits here in town who come highly recommended!  [Seems like I've seen a picture, but can't find a copy at the moment.]

Ginny has been doing better in school since we've cracked the whip a bit – at her parent teacher conference found out that a couple of her grades had taken a nosedive (seems to have been a correlation with her then newfound boyfriend.  He is history and hopefully the bad grades are too.  We threatened to take away the Kentucky trip over Spring break if she did not get them up and keep them up – that and a weeks grounding seemed to have made the necessary attitude adjustment.

Christian is doing very well and when you see him in July in GA, you will see a MARKED difference in his social skill and speech.  He is still functioning on about a 3 yr. old level, but boys typically run behind in development.  He is registered for the public PreK program for the fall where he currently goes to school and will continue with his speech and occupational therapy.

We got some cute video footage the other night in some cowboy pajamas he had gotten for Christmas from Aunt Linda.  He had also put on his cowboy hat and was strolling around the house playing his guitar.  Yesterday we got him playing his drums and marching through the house.

Not much new with the adults in the house who try to maintain the sanity and question their own sometimes!  We had some cool weather last weekend, but got above 70 yesterday and today is supposed to be near 80!  Tomorrow I think we will be spending some time outside!  The reservations are set for Dahlonega (pronounce dul-LAWN-egg-uh) and I will mail out packets in the next week with info on the area and an activity poll.  We are looking forward to sharing the beautiful mountains of North Georgia with you all – although it is definitely different terrain than Dublin!  If you would like to see the website for the Inn it is and for the tourism bureau in the area it is

Time for a nap before I pick up Ginny from school.  Good weekend to you all!  Love, MVUC

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