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1992 Roberta's letter to Grandma - March 1

Letter from Roberta to Grandma after returning from trip to Israel with Mom, Dad, Aunt Mary (MUH), the Baileys and the rest of the group. Transcription follows.

1992-March 1 Letter from Roberta to Grandma (GHU)
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March 1, 1992
Dear Grandma,

I’m sure by now you have heard all about our trip – especially about the snow and rain! It was great to have Aunt Mary – and of course the folks with us!

The last day on the trip we had to be up at 2:00 AM but Aunt Mary did just fine every day getting up early!

I hope you are doing fine – eating enough! I ate too much in Israel – I gained five pounds – so I must diet!

The CATS are fine – they were happy to see me back. I’ve got to get my suitcases unpacked!

I’ll see you next month GRANDMA – Easter is April 19th so maybe I can come the week before. I want to give OHIO a chance to warm up!

How warm is it now? We had 80° weather Saturday, but today cooler and tomorrow supposed to be 65° – the weather is not consistent!

Happy March! Love, Roberta & Sid & Beethoven & Mozart [the latter two being Sid and Roberta’s cats]

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