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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Mar 21

Wilma Croghan, Orville and Melba Fawley Harner, Eloise Simkins and most members of the family are mentioned in this March 1982 letter.   Transcription follows.

1982 Letter from Mom and Dad - March 21
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Sunday Afternoon, March 21, 1982

Dear Family,

Ah, where should we start this letter.  Yes, Spring is officially here and we did get into gear in doing some yard work yesterday, washed the cars and bought some garden seed.  Last night we had a very hard rain so no garden planting for some time yet.  Yesterday evening we rode bikes out to Wilma Croghans, who has had a big room addition to the front of her home.

Friday the Harners [Orville & Melba] invited us to go with them to Georgetown for a square dance raid – some thirty of us from Clinton County.  Melba had a cancer treatment that morning - she is an inspiration to all of us in being positive.

Thursday was the 12th Appellate Court District Meeting at Kings Island Inn – had a turn out of some 200 lawyers and judges.  Clinton Co. was well represented.  I asked about the rates and was told that the present off season rate is $38 and that goes to $73 in two more weeks.

Our last weekend trip to Chicago seems like along time ago now, and things did go smoothly.  On Saturday night we ate at one of the "rib" (Carson's) restaurants, where one of the side dishes was potato skins . . . yes we did get skinned on that dish for the item was not dressed up at all as it is at some restaurants.  Serena rode home with us as far as South Bend, where we saw Notre Dame Univ., a quick cafeteria lunch and then took Serena to the Airport, where she got the bus (Greyhound) back to Chicago.  Do want to mention that Serena brought us a loaf of her home made bread which we always enjoy.  And also homemade chicken and vegetable soup.  Mmm, mmm good!

Business has been [good?] at the shop this month and should continue to improve now that the sunshine is coming on strong.  Even hired two new people and when the word gets around of that fact a lot more people stop in looking for work.

Grandma is all set to come home on March 29th, everything is OK at the house and Mrs. Clem is coming this week to polish things up.  The seeds that M.V. put out in the boxes here in the house are now sprouting and she is looking forward to getting the 100 plus trees that she ordered.  Always thing of that remark someone made to Mother back in the twenties when they moved to the effect . . . "Why bother putting out trees for you will never live to see them mature?"

The girls [MV & Mie Young] had a baby sitting job last night at the Avon Lady's home, glad they were both there as we are sure they felt more comfortable last night during the storm.  It is hard for us to remember when we had to have baby sitters for our growing family.

It is now Monday morning - we started this letter before going to La Comedia with the Sr. MYF group.  Hello Dolly was the production there and one of the best we have seen at any dinner theater.  Eloise [Simkins 1912-1996] also accompanied the group and seemed to be enjoying everything.  She also went at Christmas when we took the Explorers Class to see "The Christmas Carol" but it was a matinee with no food involved.  We were home by 10pm so better than the regular evening performances when its nearer midnite by the time we get home.

Hope that Piper [John's dog] got along fine with friends while John and X were in Chicago.  Roberta says that Charlie is in obedience school and . . . . [use your imagination to finish this paragraph which might also include a reference to Catherine.]

[Love, etc., Mom & Dad]

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Last paragraph? I have no clue who the Avon lady was that we babysat for---actually for that matter, I don't remember babysitting at all in High School!

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