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1982 Jean Uible: Leader

We know Jean was super-active in the New Vienna Methodist Church after having been raised as a Presbyterian in New Cumberland. I didn't realize until recently that she was also the NVUMC historian, and in the family files we have much of that history. Here are some of the things in which she was involved in 1982.

Jean Uible - Leader - March 1982
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This person enjoys going shopping.

She was the youngest in her family and was the only child with dark hair, so she thought she was the black sheep.

Her favorite food is chocolate; but she dislikes Brussels Sprouts.

She is not too crazy about sports but enjoys square dancing and bicycling.

She was born in Pennsylvania but attended Gravel Hill Academy* and Highland Hall in West Virginia.

She and her husband enjoy travelling, especially when they go to see their granddaughter.  She has five children, all at least 18 years of age, and has spent over half of her life raising them.  She now has two high school seniors living in her home, one of whom had a birthday last Sunday.

She enjoys working with young children and teaches a Sunday School class of Jr. Highs in our church.

Whenever anyone wants to know something, she knows where to look it up.  She has been a part time librarian for over 20 years, and still is.

She is active in her church and has been a member for 33 years.  She now serves as Church Historian.

Her favorite hobby is reading and she enjoys visiting libraries on her many trips.

She and her husband have served as advisers of the Youth Fellowships.

She has been in charge of the East Clinton Prayer Breakfasts for two or more years, and needs help.

She is very hospitable and she and her husband have opened their home to visiting clergy and others many times.

She has served as chair person of the Women's Organizations of the church, as well as holding other offices.

She is Key Woman from our church in Church Women United and contributed to the program in the World Day of Prayer Friday at Lees Creek.

Jean Uible, you are a true leader in our church and in the community.  In appreciation of your continuing leadership, we honor you today.

New Vienna United Methodist Sunday School

* Gravel Hill Academy
 Gravel Hill Academy Marker Photo, Click for full size
* This is the first mention I've seen about Gravel Hill Academy.  According to the Historical Marker Database, the Academy was located in New Cumberland, West Virginia.

Transcription of Historical Marker:
Located beside courthouse, original building of four rooms built in 1869, opened in 1870 with town hall on 2nd floor.  In 1888 two wings were added.  By 20 Jan 1939, when destroyed by fire, had 14 rooms with 500 students.  Rebuilt on same site, it served as school until 1963 graduation.  First formal graduation held in 1893.  Now houses city government, community history displays and other businesses.

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