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2002 Letter from John - March 2

John writes a letter to his parents in early March 2002. Transcription follows.
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March 2, 2002
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for the contribution to Kate's College Advantage Fund.  We just received the statement showing your check.  You were most generous.

We have tickets for you to attend Kate's Dance Alive on Saturday March 16 at 2:00 PM.  Enclosed is a flyer to tell you more about it.  Would you come to spend the night before or Sat. night?  The new Courtyard by Marriott is open for business.  $99/night during the week and $79/night on the weekend.

I met your friend, Vicki Baker, at a 50+ Lifestyle Fair last Saturday.  She went on about how nice yo two are.  They might like to see you when you come up mid-March.

We are planning to go visit Cris Horton family the weekend of April 5-7th in Auburn IN.  Hopefully Jerry and Betty can go as well to see Cris's business.  Cris tells me business has picked up in the past few weeks.

3/4/02 Monday AM
Dad, I checked and we did not receive your email over the weekend.  We're anxious to see you on Sat. March 16th about noon at our house, unless yo decide to come up Friday evening.  Andrew and I and possibly Kate would love to swim with you at the Courtyard before Dance Alive if that works out.

Mary V tells me they are considering staying the full time in Maui (until Wed. Dec. 4) since the cost is about the same.

See you next week!

Love, John

[written on back side]
P.S. You might want to (or have us) buy a flower like one rose to present to Kate after her dance performance Sat. afternoon.  I think Betty & Jerry will do that.  Just a thought.
P.S.S. Thanks for the wedding clipping of Bakers and Beers.

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